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Decipher cellular communication at single cell resolution



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Our game-changer “MVP” allows high-performance live-cell analysis and manipulation at single-cell resolution, enabling to decipher highly complex biological mechanisms like cellular communication. Our microfluidic-based technology provides a robust and easy to use platform for high-throughput multiparametric analysis ranging from phenotypic, proteomics and genetic functional characterization of thousands of cells at a time. 


Current technologies are limited in correlating diverse parameters in temporal resolution. For the first time, our innovative MVP overcomes these limitations and provides an efficient high-resolution temporal analysis of individual cellular events at single-cell resolution.

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Modular &  Easy to Use

  • Cutting edge integrated microfluidic engineering, made in Germany. 

  • Fully automated and highly parallelized.

  • Analysis of >1000 cells/experiment. 

  • Employ with a broad range of existing microscopes. 

  • Suitable for long term on-chip multi-parametric analysis under fully controlled physiological environment. 

  • Convenient and easy integration into standard laboratory infrastructure. 

  • Excellent one-on-one technical support. 

Our Innovation

Innovative MVP technology is based on a highly precise droplet-based microfluidic method (Hans Kleine-Brüggeney et al., 2018) that enables automatic single cell hydrogel encapsulation, followed by arraying these cell-laden beads for temporal multiparametric analysis at single-cell resolution. 

First, the single cells are encapsulated into the hydrogel beads that provide a suitable microenvironment to the cells. This also allows you to increase the relevance of your data by analyzing cellular events in physiologically relevant 3D microenvironments. Then the encapsulated cells are automatically arrayed into the microfluidic structures and the whole process takes less than a minute. Our unique analysis platform is highly parallelized, providing fast analysis of thousands of cellular interactions at a time.  


Array generation

Revolutionize your biomedical research


"Early Acess Program"   


Control Unit


Designed with advanced electrical engineering, our bench-top control unit automatically regulates all the in-built microfluidic processes in MVP. This enables full automation in cultivating cells and the efficient manipulation of experimental parameters at single-cell resolution.

Incubation Chamber


Optimal and high-performance incubator system for multi-parametric analysis under physiological conditions. It is designed with a standard microtiter plate footprint, that holds microfluidics chips and acts as an interface between microfluidics (pipetting) and microfluidics processes

Integrated Software


Our integrated software is easy to use and precisely regulates the control unit, the temperature inside the incubator chamber, perfusion of cell culture media and stimuli. 

Microfluidic chip


Our highly accurate and excellent quality standard microfluidic chips enable encapsulation of thousands of cells in hydrogels and arraying them on the chip, where they are cultivated and analyzed in real-time. Microfluidic chips are consumable and can be designed to match a variety of applications. 


Intuitive data analysis & visualization 

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MVP is your solution. 

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Curious and want to know more about our Early Access Program, we are looking forward to hearing from you. You can reach to us at earlyacess@evorion.de

Our scientists and technical experts will be happy to discuss and brainstorm your project and ideas with you to find the best optimized experimental approach to tackle your research challenge.

Our team will help in installing MVP and in training the know-how of MVP to your scientific and technical team.

Our expert scientific team will assist you in each step of the experimental trouble shooting and data analysis until we reach your goal togetther. 

By applying our high-performance our live-cell analysis and manipulation at single-cell resolution, it will enable you to answer your unsolved research question and its relevance and impact.

Flexible & Plethora of applications

We have pioneered to combine the technological power of the high-throughput capability and on-chip multiparametric real-time temporal analysis in MVP. Our innovative and cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the next generation biomedical research, aiming to unravel cellular communication at single-cell resolution. 


Some of the examples where the MVP can enable new insights and understanding in your research are:

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