Instrument installation at University of Leeds, UK

We are happy to announce the recent installation of our technology platform at the School of Food Science and Nutrition of University of Leeds, UK, in the lab of Prof. Dr. Francisco M. Goycoolea. Our platform allows real-time multiparametric analysis of complex cell populations at single-cell resolution and is now available to the scientists and students in Prof. Goycoolea’s lab.

L-R: Dr. Sebastian Bühren, Prof. Francisco M. Goycoolea, Hans-Kleine Brüggeney, Franziska Schulze Bockeloh at Prof. Goycoolea lab.

The Goycoolea lab is interested in developing antibiotic-free therapies against bacterial pathogens. The multi-mode live-cell analysis at single-cell resolution under physiologically relevant conditions (cell-beads encapsulation) provided by our platform will further allow gaining a better understanding of the complex bacterial-cellular communication that was previously limited.

Our team spent three days at the beautiful campus of the University of Leeds, installed the instrument and trained scientists and students in the lab. In addition, they also presented our technology to several other groups and had great discussions. We wish the whole lab a great success and looking forward to exciting results.

We already got some initial promising results. I believe that EVORION's innovative bio-microfluidic single-cell analysis platform will revolutionize the field of translational biomedicine and beyond - Prof. Francisco M. Goycoolea

Want to discuss the applications and advantages of our platform for your research? We will be happy to hear, please write to us at www.earlyacess@evorion.de

Our CTO, Hans Kleine-Brüggeny training scientists and students in the lab of Prof. Goycoolea, University of Leeds, UK.

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