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Franziska Schulze Bockeloh, Application Scientist

Can you tell us a bit more about your background and how did you join EVORION??

I come from a farm close to Münster, and I did my Bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Münster. To learn and explore more about the medical applications of biology, I perused my Master’s degree in molecular biomedicine at the same university. At the end of my masters, I was looking for a master’s thesis project, where I could apply my knowledge and gain more experience. Funny enough, I met Robert in a bar in the city and we exchanged scientific ideas for few prospective projects at EVORION. Well, I already knew Hans and Robert from the University, not strangers (laughter). And after some interesting discussions about the EVORIONʼs novel technology, I felt that it could be a great platform for my master’s thesis. So, my master’s thesis was on single-cell analysis of breast cancer populations that were cultivated in 3D micro-environment”. It was so exciting to see the progress that I could not leave EVORION. And now, I work as a scientific application scientist here.

What's the reason that excites and motivates you to come to EVORION every morning?

I think great motivation comes from the team that we have in EVORION. We comprise of an interdisciplinary team from the field of biology, chemistry, physics, and electrical engineering and everyone is so passionate about their work, that certainly makes a big difference. Together, we have found solutions to any problem that we have faced till now and this is very inspiring. Additionally, our management team is extremely supportive and open to constructive discussions at any time.

Franziska in the clean room.

Talking about your journey as an application scientist, how was it?

Looking back in time, there have been ups and downs in the development phase of our system, however, working together in a great team, we have crossed all the hurdles. As an application scientist, the most exciting and thrilling is to work with our end users. At this stage, it is very satisfying to see the spark in their eyes when they witness the first results and realize the immense possibilities in accelerating their research by our technology. It is really fun to collaborate and work with them.

What else do you like to do when you are not at work?

I like to do sports, horse riding and run regularly. I just finished my first relay marathon last week at the Münster marathon. We are also planning to start a EVORION running team so that we can run together at the next Münster marathon.

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