System Overview

The EVORION platform is a fully integrated system for cell cultivation and multiparametric time-lapse analysis of entire cell populations at single-cell resolution. The first version of the system consists of a control unit, software, an incubation chamber, microfluidic chips, and reagents. The system is fully compatible with standard automated inverted microscopes. No further equipment is required.

  • Fully automated cell culture and analysis

  • Population analysis at single-cell resolution

  • Full acces to each individual cell at any time

  • Compatible with broad range of hydrogels for 3D culture

  • No need for additional incubation chambers

  • compatible with standard microscopes


Control Unit

The control unit regulates all microfluidic processes and cell culture parameters. It enables fully automated cell cultivation, and triggers cell stimulation at exact time points.


Incubation Chamber

The incubation chamber is a complete cell incubator with a standard microtiter plate footprint. It holds the microfluidic chip and serves as an interface between macrofluidic (pipetting) and microfluidic processes.


Microfluidic Chips (Consumables)

Thousands of individual cells are encapsulated into an array of separate hydrogel beads on the microfluidic chip, where they are cultivated and analyzed in real-time. Microfluidic chips can be designed to match a variety of applications.



The software is accessed on the integrated touch screen or on a connected computer. It precisely controls the temperature inside the incubation chamber, the perfusion of cell culture media and stimuli, and the injection of up to three mixed gases (e.g., CO2, O2, N2).

Additional modules are currently in development, including an extraction unit to access selected cells at any time during the analysis, and a dedicated reader for cell imaging and on-chip detection of cellular and biochemical parameters.

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