The EVORION technology represents a novel, intelligent concept for the analysis of entire cell populations at single-cell resolution based on droplet-based microfluidics. It features:

  • Direct correlation of single-cell, functional phenotype and genetic parameters

  • Multiparametric analysis of complex cell populations at single-cell resolution

  • Analyses of living cells in a physiologically relevant 3D environment

  • Access to each individual cell at any time point during the analysis

  • Analyses of very rare cells (e.g., circulating tumor cells)

All microfluidic and cell culture processes on the EVORION instrument are precisely controlled and fully automated. The EVORION technology is compatible with most commercially available automated inverted imaging systems.


1. Cell encapsulation:

Individual cells are encapsulated within a hydrogel droplet that polymerizes to a cell-containing bead. The physical and biochemical properties of each bead—hydrogel rigidity, pore size, immobilized extracellular matrix components—are set to create a precisely defined 3D microenvironment.

2. Cell trapping:

Thousands of hydrogel beads are immobilized in microfluidic traps, forming a microchip cell array. Each bead contains exactly one cell, and is assigned a unique identifier.

3. Cell culture and analysis:

Cells are cultivated and optionally stimulated, under tightly controlled perfusion culture conditions on the microchip. The EVORION setup enables continuous, multiparametric analysis at single-cell resolution, such as time-lapse imaging, real-time analysis of secreted molecules or immunohistochemistry.

4. Bead recovery and downstream analyses:

Individual cells can be extracted from the chip at any time during the analysis and transferred to standard microplates for cultivation and further analyses including quantitative PCR or next-generation sequencing.


Parameters measured on the EVORION instrument are unambiguously linked to the information determined after extraction of the cell from the microchip via the unique identifier assigned to each cell.

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